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Outdoor Events And Festivals

Our varied background as a company means that we can supply such a wide range of options, making sure that what we offer is perfect for each individual festival or outdoor event. Whether that is alcoholic smoothies and juicy cocktails, or local ciders and beer, it could even be unique bar staff like flarers and mixologists.

We pride ourselves on being quirky and unique but always professional, cracking on with all the work so that you can concentrate on putting on each show or event.

Alongside our drinks offer we can also supply food, our shop ‘The Shambles Kitchen’ in York is loved far and wide for its fresh food. This can be tailored into your event/festival; we cook many things from pulled pork burgers to Indian sweet potato soup. Have an idea for what might be right for your festival? Let us know and we will put it together with love and soul, making sure to only use the best local produce.

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